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Create the Life You Love Living

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and learn how to wake up each day with

renewed purpose and unimagined happiness







Imagine a Life You Love... then Create It!

If you were to wake up to this version of your life every day for the rest of your life, would you still love it?

What if life could be even more than you ever imagined?
What if you had both the mindset and the time to really enjoy every day?
Not only better, but more!
Imagine doing it with greater ease?
Imagine having a plan of how to make it your reality?
What if it was as easy as changing one thing a day?
Imagine what life looks like then...
Waking up happy and enthusiastic for the day ahead...
Waking up confident of mastering the challenges of the day...
Waking up feeling good about yourself and your potential...
Imagine if you could look into the future...
You'd see that what you have now is a tiny fraction of what is possible...
Would you be regretting not living more...
Would you be wishing you'd had a recipe to make it easy?
 Are you impatiet for change?
If you're waiting for things to get better on their own, you might wait for a while.
The only way life will really change is if you make the changes yourself.
The secret is in knowing what to change and the right way to do it.
Create the results you dream of... before the lack of results have you disappointed.
Find the focus and how to initiate the right changes at the right time
to create happiness in life, in love, in friendship and in your work.

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 Bayside, Melbourne

25 August, 2018



We don't learn this at School!

Not only are the secrets to a life you'll love living not taught at school, they're also not seen as a priority. We're taught that achievement is our goal, yet it's created a version of jail around us. For if we focus upon achievement and measure ourselves against that, we'll always measure poorly on performance. For it is not our achievements that create our happiness, it's how we feel inside. If we can spend half a day learning the secrets on how to feel better inside, we'll be more creative, productive, inspired and capable.

You see, we're living life back to front!
Attend to the inside and the success of everything else fuels from that!

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What you will Gain from this Workshop

The 8 Ingredients for a Life you Love Living

Karina is going to walk you step by step through her proven plan of Success

You'll learn each part of life that is essential to growth and where to place your focus
Master competing priorities with your new mindset
Insight into What's Missing & How to Change It
See the whole picture to identify what you're missing
Prepare for aha moments that allow you the insight as to why
Bypass feeling stuck with new priorities for growth
See the power of focus and how to use this to your advantage
Identify what you really want in your life
What you learn is practical and designed to actually work within a busy lifestyle
Learn to see the real you and your potential
Learn an easy technique to manage stress and anxiety
Guided Meditation for Joy (no experience necessary)
The New You!
See change as your new best friend
Create a mindset that has you using what you learn to continually grow your happiness
Receive Karina's recipe to hang on your wall for ongoing results
For anyone who's wanted more from life
and wants to make it easy
For those who have this feeling inside that things could be better than what you have right now
For those who feel stuck and need a plan or steps to create a new direction
For those who believe that they have the potential but don't know how to access it
For those impatient for success


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Her Results: What People Say

"My Life has never been better!"  Melissa, Melbourne. VIC

"For those of you out there that need the change and want to love themselves more, there’s not a safer, more nurturing environment."  Libby, Melbourne. VIC

"Nothing short of a miracle. Karina is absolutely amazing and not having her as a part of you life means you are missing out on so much potential that you are not unlocking. Reach out to her today and it will be one of most rewarding experiences that you will ever have."  Karen, Bentleigh. VIC






Saturday August 25, 2018


9am - 1pm

Ensure you're on time, we've got heaps to cover


Bayview Room


Milanos Brighton
4 The Esplanade
Brighton, Vic 3186


Parking onsite
Brighton Beach Railway Station next door


Registration opens at 8.30am for a 9am Start
Don't be late!

Join us to experience
Karina Godwin in person

2 for 1 Offer

Limited Tickets Available

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